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About Joe Davis and Aries Restoration

At 15 years old, I disassembled and then restored a 1928 Model A Ford. Everything but the paint and upholstery, I did myself. My father was quite enthusiastic about the project and he would often take me too look at other cars that he liked including a 1937 Cord Beverly sedan. It had a broken transmission and was never purchased, but always remained in my mind as one of the most beautiful cars of that era. I found a Model A Deluxe Phaeton body and built a complete car from parts. I wanted something with a little more performance, so found a B engine and Miller Overhead conversion and used that in the car for many years.
  Mercedes Gull Wing

When 20 years old my father found a 1955 Gull Wing coupe. It was in sorry shape but the price was right at $1500. So that became my project for 15 months while I was going to college back in Colorado. In order to buy the Gull Wing I had to sell my driver for cash, so I bought a 1927 model T for $100, got it running and used that for my regular transportation while the gull wing was under restoration. The only major part missing on the gull wing was the belly pans. A fellow in town (Boulder, CO) had a similar year gull wing and drove it pretty fast. He flipped over going up Boulder Canyon and totaled the car. Fortunately the belly pans were in his garage and I was able to buy them for a song. During my 20’s I restored 8 Model A and AA trucks and cars, selling some and keeping others. Most of the trucks were either Dump Trucks or Panel Delivery Trucks. Many of these were sold to a private museum in Florida and are still in that collection. I purchased a 1926 Lincoln in the early 1980s - it was a barn find and needed a full restoration. So I began a ground-up restoration. It was eventually sold and is now owned by a close friend, see it in the Restoration Gallery.

I began going to Pebble Beach in the early 1960’s and watched this car show grow and flourish until today is has become the premier show in the world. Today Pebble Beach is certainly the “holy grail” of the classic car world. A class victory at Pebble Beach means the car is both historically correct and close to prefect. Style and colors are also important; it must stand out as a unique representative of that era of manufacture. Any Pebble Beach award will increase a car's value and the recognition follows the car, the owner and the restorer throughout the car hobby. If showing your car at Pebble Beach is one of your goals, we can help you not only select a car that has a good chance of being invited, but also restore the car to those high standards and that level of authenticity. During the restoration process we also make the car road worthy by bringing every mechanical detail back to factory specifications or better.

1926 Lincoln
Body by Dietrich

1930 Lincoln

1932 Packard
Series 900 Light 8

1933 Pierce Arrow 12

1930 Ford
Standard Touring Car

1909 Model T Touring

1912 Cadillac

1934 Ford
Deluxe Panel Delivery

1933 Ford
V-8 Model BB-85
Deluxe Panel Truck

1917 REO Hearse

1921 Model T Tourer

1931 Ford
Deluxe Phaeton

1931 Ford
Standard Phaeton

1931 Ford
Panel Delivery

1931 AA
Panel Delivery

1939 Ford
Convertible Sedan

For Sale
1920 TT Orchard Truck

1936 Ford
Panel Delivery


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